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Scholarship Opportunities

What is available.

Through raffles of items donated by vendors and supporters, money is raised during the EMS Educators Summit to assist students and educators across the state, to assist in earning EMS Certification or advancing their degree.

Initial requests are gathered during the EMS Educators Summit.  Remaining funds will be made available to members (student scholarships are awarded based on member nomination).  Non-members are eligible if money remains following all member requests.

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EMS Students

Have a student that is struggling and would benefit from some financial assistance?

Students must be nominated by a faculty member who is a member of  TAEMSE.  Awards are based on need, level of certification, and goals.


EMS Educators

Need to finish your Associates Degree or looking to earn a Bachelor's degree or Master's?

Awards of scholarships are awarded based on need and goals described in the application.

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