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The Texas Association of EMS Educators began with the start of the first annual Texas EMS Educators Summit held in Corpus Christi, Texas in April of 2015.  The following years, development and incorporation were slow, but have come to fruition and are fully operational.


We all have a common desire to know that wherever we may travel across this great state, we are “covered” by quality EMS providers – which all get that way through high quality education.


TAEMSE is not permitted to participate in political arenas or lobby for legislation.  We do hope to be a common resource and gathering point for information about the political issues of the day from both Washington, D.C. and Austin.

A community that is engaged and

working together can be 

a powerful force.

Our Mission

Our simple mission: “Bringing Educators Together to Advance the EMS Profession”. 


Our mission forms the core of the annual EMS Educators Summit and provides a purpose.  It is our goal to develop an organization that will serve as a resource to EMS educators in Texas and across the nation; to be a resource for novice and experienced educators alike, and for those who teach in 4-year institutions or privately in homes. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our greatest cause and moment to gather is at our annual Texas EMS Educators Summit, usually held in April.  We hope that this summit, will provide education offerings which enhance the ability to teach classes and offer new tips, tricks and ideas.  We also hope that the Educators Summit provides networking opportunities and allows attendees to spend time with fellow educators from across Texas.  Our goal is that the Educators Summit will continue to be an asset for all EMS educators.

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