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Director of Clinical Education

SHUR MED Emergency Medical Services

San Antonio, TX, USA

Job Type:
Full-Time, Director of Clinical Education

About the Role


1. Manage the clinical competency evaluations of new hires and existing employees.

2. Teach and implement remedial programs to assist employees in need of targeted review of skills and/or didactic knowledge.

3. Design and implement relevant material for training or continuing education offerings driven by QA/QI findings.

4. Provide monthly accredited CE classes for Company personnel.

5. Organize and manage the offering of certification courses both internally and externally.

6. Develop and manage the budget for Clinical Education.

7. Supervise staff assigned to Clinical Education.

8. Assist with field ALS care as needed.

9. Other duties as assigned.


Requirements include:

· Texas paramedic certification

· Minimum 30 hours college, any discipline

· Minimum of eight (8) years EMS experience

· Minimum of four (4) years progressive EMS training and education experience

· Texas State EMS Education Coordinator certification.

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